Portable washing Machine,Folding Mini Washing Machine Sterilization Drying Washing Machine for Baby Clothes, Underwear or Small Items, Apartment, Dorm, Camping, RV Travel laundry (B)

May 11, 2023

Price: $42.99

Name: portable folding washing machine
Product model: X09
Rated power: 10W
Rated voltage: 12V
Capacity: 6L
Power line length: 1.2m
Overall dimension:
Extension: 27 * 27 * 25.5cm
Folding: 27 * 27 * 14.5cm
Drain basket: 16 * 16 * 11.5 cm
Color: yellow, pink, green.

1, place the laundry in the wash tub and add an appropriate amount of detergent.
2,Add appropriate amount of water (we recommend that the water level should be 3-5cm higher than the laundry so that the water completely covers the laundry).
3, put the lid on the washing tub, turn on the timer of the mini washer and turn it to “10min” position, and the washer will start working automatically.
4, when the program is completed, the timer automatically resets and the equipment stops.
5, remove the laundry.
6, Unplug the adapter from the washing machine and the power outlet.
7, select the appropriate drainage method to drain the water into the small washing machine. Wipe out the bucket washer.

Cleaning and maintenance
1, after washing. When the laundry process is complete, clean and dispose of the waste water in the washer. This will cause a change in the quality of the water in the washing machine.
2, when storing the machine, please wipe down the whole machine, fold the machine by the folding washer folding method, and close the cover.

The package includes:
Portable folding washing machine*1
Drain basket * 1

Food Grade and Durable TPE Material: Our portable mini washing machine uses TPE material, but others in the market use TPR material. TPE is better than TPR and more resistant to aging, yellowing, high temperature and corrosion. Our portable food grade silicone washing machine is a great choice for your personal items, baby items, pet items, fruits and vegetables.
Safe and Energy Efficient: The portable washing machine using food grade TPE and silicone is a great choice for your personal items, baby items, patient families. The washing machine only needs 0.01kWh of electricity for 1 hour, which can save you more time, money, energy and trouble. Improve your quality of life.
FOLDABLE DESIGN: Mini portable washing machine bucket, easy to store when not in use. Fits easily under a stool or bed without taking up too much space in your home.
BEST GIFT TO CHOOSE: The washing machine is large when unfolded 10.6 x 10.6 x 7 inch, small when folded 10.6 x 7 x 5.1 inch. Our small washing machine will be an amazing gift for people who love cleanliness, love healthy food, travel frequently, school and family life with babies, pets, patients.

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