Mini Washing Machine, 6L Portable Washer Machine Clothes Washing Machines Mini Folding Washing Machine Folding Bucket Washer Laundry Washer for Household Apartment Hotel (Pink)

May 11, 2023

Price: $69.62

1. Personalized exclusivity: self-cleaning, self-emptying. Simulation of hand washing, worry-free washing, clean and hygienic to protect women’s inner health.
2. Imitation hand washing: The imitation hand washing wheel with uniform washing speed simulates the intense knocking and friction of the hand washing process.
3. Exquisite 6L capacity: Just the right 6L gold washing capacity, simple clothes can be changed at any time of the day, say goodbye to accumulation, and easily separate washing.
4. Drain valve and collapsible design: Intimate drain valve design, easy to drain sewage without manual pouring, convenient and worry-free. The folding washing machine can be easily folded without taking up space, and it can be stored in the suitcase and accompany you on the way.

Item type: washing machine.
Product material: ABS
Weight: approx. 1980g / 4.4lb
Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Rated voltage: 12V
Rated washing power: 10 W
Nominal washing capacity: approx. 0.9kg / 2.0lbs
Nominal volume of the washing tank: 6 L

List of packages:
1 washing machine.
1 cover
1 basket
1x power cord

1. Please use a power supply with leakage protection.
2. Check the body and power supply for damage before using this product.
3. Keep body, hands and surroundings dry before use.
4. Children and adolescents are prohibited from operating.
5. It is forbidden to use this product if it causes damage or water leakage during transportation.
6. Please cover the lid during use and keep hands out.
7. Do not pour hot water over 50°C directly into the washing machine.
8. It is forbidden to clean the lower body, the control switch, with water and wet towels.
【Sewage Drainage Design】This portable laundry hamper has a built-in sewer valve design, which eliminates the need for manual draining and can easily empty the sewage, which is convenient and worry-free.
【Large Capacity】This multifunctional folding laundry hamper has a capacity of 6L, which can wash thin and thin clothes such as ties, underwear, socks at the same time, say goodbye to accumulation and wash easily separately.
【Convenient storage】The hook of this high-efficiency folding washing machine is more convenient, it can be hung in the bathroom/balcony to save space, and it can also be placed in a folding cabinet.
【After-sales service】 If you encounter any problems when using this portable washing machine, please contact our customer service team in time, we will do our best to provide you with a suitable solution.

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