Multifunctional Fruit and Vegetable washing machine, Fruit and Vegetable cleaner device, Capsule food purifier, Wireless charging food ionizer cleaner, Smart home Asian fruit and vegetable cleaning machine.

May 11, 2023

Price: $45.95 - $37.89

🏆Designed for safety, comfort and efficiency. ✅️ Make washing food and vegetables an easy and enjoyable process. A small and powerful Asian home gadget like our food and vegetable cleaner will be your go-to standard. When you find that rinsing food and vegetables using the traditional method with water is not enough, but you don’t want to use dish soap to wash the food you eat. Our mini capsule cleaning device will provide the maximum utilization of your desire. Our food purifying machine ♻️ can be used to effectively clean the surface of various types of meats, vegetables, rice and fruits, allowing you to focus on the main cooking process. 💪🏼 Powerful Food Cleaning Device: Our smart kitchen gadget uses only WATER and generates OH ions to easily remove all residue, dirt from the food you eat (meat, fruits, rice and vegetables ) and protect your health and safety all the time. ⚙️ Highly Compatible: Our machine can be widely used with tap water, filtered water and other different water qualities to clean meats, vegetables and fruits. 😍 Easy Operation: Place fruits and vegetables that need to be cleaned in a container with water. Lightly press the switch until a green light comes on and the blue electrolysis lights start flashing. The purification process will take about 5-10 minutes to make the electrolysis fully effective. 💡 Improved Design: Our food ionizer has a small and compact design that is easy to carry for any picnic or camping. It can also be used with a non-slip charging station in your home kitchen. With a built-in 4400mAh 🔋 battery, the machine can last up to 25 times, with 10 minutes of use each time. 🔥 Widely Popular on Tiktok: The fruit cleaner is especially popular for any smart home featured on Tiktok videos with millions of views.
🌽【Simple to use】: Press the power button and place the capsule in a capacity of 3-5 liters of water for 10 minutes to start the food purification process. High-energy ion purification technology, creating ozone washing using water as the raw material, without adding chemicals, and without damaging food nutrition.
🍑【Durable and Safe】: The food purifier has IPX 7 waterproof rating with no water leakage, safe to use. easy to clean, the top shell cover can be removed for thorough cleaning after each use. Can be used with tap water, filtered water and other different water qualities.
🥝 【Small and Mini Design】: The fruit and vegetable cleaner is easy to carry and can be widely used in many scenarios: in your kitchen at home or on outdoor trips, picnics and camping . Fits in your kitchen sink, vegetable basket and small zippered bags.
🍌【USB Powered & Wireless Charging】Built-in 4400mAh battery and portable design with non-slip fast wireless charging dock for convenience. A full charge can last up to 25 times, with 10 minutes of use each time.

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