HKY 19V AC Adapter Compatible with PetSafe IF-100 IF-300 IF-101 RFA-374 RFA-443 300-034 650-231 650-297 PIF00-15001 PIF00-13663 RFA-554 RFA-584 Wireless Fence Pet Containment System Power Supply Cord

May 10, 2023

Price: $15.99

AC Adapter Description
* Overheat protection with smart chip
* Overload protection with high quality wires
* Anti-interference function with better isolation materials
* High quality rubberized texture extra long AC/DC cord

INPUT: 100-240V 50-60Hz (for worldwide use)
Output: 19V 32W;
Connector Size: as picture show


Compatible with PETSAFE PIF-300 MOD: 300-034 RFA-443 IF-101 IF100 PIF300 300034 PIF00-15001 PIF00-15002 PIF00-13663 PIF-275 PIF-275-19 RFA-374 RFA443 RFA-554 RFA-584 RFA-1 4 RFA-67 RFA-67-11 IF101 Petsafe Pet Fence Dog Pet Containment System Corporation SPS-06C19-1W-US-BR 650-231 SPS-06C19-1W-EP/N: 650-297 19.0V Mode Switch Class 2 Power Transformer Power Cord Cable Battery Charger Mains Power (NOT 14VAC ❌. NOT 12VDC ❌. Please check compatibility with your device. Thank you.)

Replacement Power Cord for ATS050T-P/A121 ATS050T-PA121 ATS050TP/A121 ATS050TPA121 ATS050T-P121 ATS050TP121 AdapterTech

Box contents
1*19V AC Charger
1*1*User Manual

Powering millions of laptops, tablets and electronic gadgets and a go-to brand for HKY’s premium replacement chargers and accessories since 2013
This power adapter is specially designed to meet the power needs of your device. It allows you to simultaneously operate your device and charge its battery (if applicable) from any standard electrical outlet at home, in the office or while traveling abroad. This lightweight, easy-to-carry adapter is the perfect portable power source for your device.

NOTE:If your model is not seen here, ask us and we will find it for you
✅【Compatible with】Petsafe Pet Fence PIF-IF-300 System Corporation AC Adapter Model: NF19V-1.26C-DC NF19V-126C-DC Part Number: 650-231 NF19V-1.26CDC NF19V-126CDC 650231 19V 1.26A AC/DC Charger VT-01 4117 VT-014117 VT-01 1018 VT-011018 HL-5016 HL 1916 HL-5018 19 VDC 1000mA 1260mA 19.0VDC 1.0A – 1.26 A Switching power supply
✅【Specifications】Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz; Output: 19V 1.7A 32W; please confirm the specification and plug size before purchasing. If you can’t make sure, don’t hesitate to contact us.⚠️!!! (Note: NO 14VAC version ❌. NO 12VDC version ❌. NO 24V version ❌. Someone may have bought it by mistake. Please check compatibility with your device. Thank you.)
✅【High Quality and Safety Guarantee】International Safety Certification: Our products have passed the CE / FCC / RoHS test and obtained the certificates!!! This adapter was made with the highest quality materials. Flame retardant V-0, OVP, OCP. , SCP protection (OVP: output over voltage protection. OCP: output over current protection. SCP: output short circuit protection) more safety than other adapters.
✅【3 Year Warranty】90 Days Money Back Guarantee – 36 Months Free Exchange – 24 Hours Email Service Support.

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