Raycon The Gaming Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds with Built in Mic, Low Latency, 31 Hours of Battery, Charging Case with Talk, Text, and Play, Bluetooth 5.0 (Carbon Black)

May 11, 2023

Price: $119.99

Of the brand

wireless bluetooth earbuds

wireless bluetooth earbuds

Raycon Global

Modified game audio. Two ears at once

What problem are we solving?

Co-founders Ray Lee and Ray J were frustrated with the audio space – high prices, confusing specs, and poor product designs. If big tech was for everyone, why were the giants of the industry making it so inaccessible?

How did we start?

With Ray J’s insight into pop culture and background in the music industry, plus Ray Lee’s history in consumer electronics, they created a brand with a mission. Create technology that empowers the everyday individual.

What makes our products unique?

We want the world to have great sound – is that too much to ask?

Everyday Headphones

fitness headphones

Everyday Headphones

gaming headphones

gaming headset

work helmet

fitness speaker

🎮 GAMING-OPTIMIZED MICROPHONE: Your team is your lifeline. We make sure they can hear you loud and clear in even the most intense situations with an optimized beamforming mic designed specifically for gaming.
🎮 DAY AND NIGHT: Fully charged, your earbuds will last you day after day, with 31 hours of total battery life in the charging pod, you get 7 hours of total playtime from a single charge. Add in extended 24-hour battery life from your handy and portable wireless charging pod, you really don’t have to worry about your game stopping when you climb up the leaderboard.
🎮 YOUR SOUND, YOUR WAY: (Pure – Balanced – Bass) lets you customize your audio for any type of content to give you a fully immersive experience no matter what you’re listening to
🎮 CUSTOM FIT: Never worry about your earbuds falling off! With Five Gel Tip, you don’t have to worry at all. These comfortable gaming headphones will stay in your ears and with you through the toughest levels – climb to that #1 spot with your Raycons!
The Raycon limited warranty only covers manufacturing defects up to the first year from the date of purchase of the device. These include: volume imbalance, pairing issues, charging issues Broken part (not caused by normal wear and tear), single play issues. The warranty excludes defects or damage to the product resulting from; normal wear and tear, negligence, misuse, accident, misapplication or other damage caused by the customer; repair or modification not authorized by the customer or a third party; shipping damage occurring during transportation of the product; or any other condition beyond the Company’s control.

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