Kikc PS4 Gaming Headset with Mic for Xbox One, PS5, PC, Mobile Phone and Notebook, Controllable Volume Gaming Headphones with Soft Earmuffs for Kid

May 11, 2023

Price: $24.99 - $15.68

Product Description

gaming headset

gaming headset





Kikc is a brand new helmet brand

Our goal is to provide customers with the ultimate shopping experience. The best choice for holiday gifts.

Package Contents: 1 x Kikc PS-4 Headset 1 x PC Adapter Cable 1 x User Manual Why did you choose Kikc Gaming Headset?

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS:The earmuffs use the new second generation skin-friendly material, reduce thermal sweating, more suitable for long time wearing. HIGH COMPATIBILITY: Works with Win 7/Win8/Win8.1/Win 10/XP 32bit and 64bit. PRACTICAL DESIGN: The retractable belt gives your helmet better stretchability. The soft design tells you how unbreakable is. EASY INSTALLATION: Plug and play, 3.5mm plug headphone and mic, more fully guarantee sound stability.

Notes: 1. An extra Microsoft adapter (not included) is needed when connecting with the old version Xbox One controller. A 2.1 to 2 3.5mm jack splitter cable (not included) is needed when connecting to PC if you want to use headphone and microphone at the same time.

Retractable head beam

Retractable head beam

soft but durable

soft but durable

buffer head beam

buffer head beam

*****Adjustable Headband*****

The adjustable headbands of the Kikc gaming headset can fit different head sizes, and the lightweight material fits completely around your ears and won’t overheat your head. Plus, the metal frame headset is strong and durable enough to last long sessions.

***** Supports twist *****

Xbox One headset with mic and soft and comfortable pad head. It also supports twist, which presents an ultra-comfortable wearing experience. It is very solid and not easily damaged.

*****Buffer Head Beam*****

The Kikc PS4 headset is designed with breathable memory foam padding, the whole frame is comfortable and incredibly durable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite games, PlayStation 4, music and movies without noticing that the headset is on your head.



For Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4

For Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4

The GiBer commitment makes our goal:

The Kikc brand team will certainly protect the rights and interests of buyers, and hope that you can get full protection of rights when purchasing.

Kikc PS-4 is a gaming headset with a standard 3.5mm jack, supports working with various game consoles, PCs/laptops, mobile devices such as smartphones/Android devices and other audio devices with a jack standard 3.5mm audio.

Compatibility Guide:


How to use it on Playstation 4/Ps4 for Kikc PS-4 Gaming Headset ::

1. Insert the headset into the gamepad, then press and hold the PS4 button to enter system setup.

2.Select “Devices”, then select “Adjust sounds and devices”, select “Output to Headphones” and change it to “All Audio”.

—[xbox one]

1. Old Xbox One – requires Xbox One adapter (3.5mm port controller to adapter)

2. New Xbox one version–(check 3.5mm port to Xbox one controller)

3. Xbox One S series and Xbox One X series do not require an adapter, connect the 3.5mm port to the Xbox One console.

4. If you are using the headset for a console, the 3.5mm jack you need to plug into the 3.5mm port on the controller, usually located at the bottom of the controller.


If you are trying to use the headset on a PC, you need to connect the same plug to the PC splitter cable, then connect it to your PC and the microphone should work.

—[Nintendo Switch]

1. Find the Nintendo Switch host, there is a headset microphone port next to the card slot.

2. Directly insert the 3.5mm interface of our product and use it.


1. Our gaming headset is wired headset, we have 3.5mm interface.

2. Before putting on the headset, please test it with your mobile phone to make sure it works normally.

3. If the microphone cannot work normally and no sound can be heard, please turn on the microphone switch on the 70 inch braided cable of the product and turn up the volume. If the microphone still does not work after turning on the switch, you need to make sure your audio devices are working properly and increase the sound volume level, Make sure to connect the headphone jack to the audio source correctly.


[1]Speaker Size: 40mm

[2]Sensitivity: 114+/-3dB

[3]Frequency range: 50Hz-50KHz

[4]Microphone: 6.0 x 5.0mm

[5]Microphone sensitivity: -38+/-3dB

[6]Directionality: omnidirectional

【HIGH QUALITY SOUND】: Headset With 40mm driver, Kikc PS4 gaming headset provides good sound for games and music. The Nintendo Switch Headset with Mic lets you gain a competitive edge and take your game to the next level. Perfect for various games like Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Legion, etc.
【HUMANIZED DESIGN】: The Kikc headset for PS4 headset with mic has been tested by thousands of people for a long time, and we finally choose the retractable headband. The Xbox headset with breathable ear pads has excellent buffer performance and heat dissipation ability to ensure every gamer using for a long time. The ps4 headset with buffer head is soft and comfortable and supports torsion. Kikc gaming headset is only 9 OZ
【120 DEGREE ROTATING MIC】: In order to protect the Xbox One headset mic, the microphone is off, please turn on the switch before use. The Kikc PC gaming headset with 120 degree rotation can pick up sounds with high sensitivity, allowing you to send or receive messages while you’re in a game without any delay. Your voice is well picked up 360 degrees by the Xbox One mic and lets you easily control the volume by the volume wheel and microphone mute key.
【24-MONTH AFTER-SALES SERVICE】: Kikc headphones will undergo strict quality test process before sending out. After sales service. If there is a problem with the product, please contact us first and take no further action. After you log into your account, select “returns and orders”, click “Order Details” after entering the background, then click Sold by “Giber”, there will be a “ask a question” button ” in the upper right corner
【After-sales】: Please feel free to contact us about product quality, we will deal with it at the first time
【Note 1】: Additional adapter is required for use with xbox one

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