Touchless Automatic Faucet Motion Sensor Adapter Tap Autowater For Kitchen Bathroom Sink, Hand Free Aerator, Smart Faucet Sensor (Null)

May 13, 2023

Price: $2.54 - $2.01

The clearance between the bottom of the faucet and the base of the faucet must be greater than 8 inches.

This item fits M22/M24 threaded kitchen faucets, but does not fit most bathroom faucets.

Troubleshooting: Does Not Detect/Water Flows Automatically
1. Fully charge the item for at least 4 hours before installation

2. Wipe the sensor windows. Make sure that the upper sensor and the lower sensor are not covered with water drops or steam.
3. High-reflective objects can sometimes interfere with the faucet sensor, please check if there is a high-reflective object near the sensor and move them a little further away.
4. Try moving the sensor window in a different direction, for example, the sensor window can face the wall so that it doesn’t detect too much movement when it’s not supposed to be activated.
5. Make sure the top sensor indicator light only flashes once when it detects your hand. In case of continuous flashes or no flash at all, you need to recharge the battery.
Save water and better hygiene – Water stops instantly when object leaves. No more repetitively adjusting handles and touching faucets. Avoid bacterial contamination, provide a cleaner and safer environment.
Instant mode and continuous mode – Upper and lower sensors for different needs. Upper sensor for continuous running water, wave to start/stop. Lower sensor activated only when objects are in the sensory area.
Easy Installation – The hands-free adapter comes with a wrench, no other tools needed. Simple 4 step instructions to follow. Compatible with M24 and M22 faucet spout, faucet adapter connector included in the package.
Ultra-long working hour and durable material – Built-in Li-ion battery, charged by USB. 1 charge for over 9 months of use. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Anti-scratch chrome, IPX 6 waterproof.

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