Smart Home Control Panel,7” Dimmer and Background Music Player,Smart Life Tuya App Control Timer Switch For Smart Appliances,Support Video Doorbell Two-Way Intercom

May 14, 2023

Price: $259.99

Smart Home Control Panel, 7” Dimmer and Background Music Player, Tuya Smart Life APP Control Timer Switch for Smart Appliances, Support Two Way Video Intercom
All-in-One Control Center: Control the smart device on the screen with one touch, no need to waste time opening the mobile app to trigger the device. Up to 100 USB devices can be added, making popular control easy for everyone at home. smart devices such as lighting, locks, thermostats, scenes and more with ease.
EASY TO REPLACE: Just connect the wires hidden in the wall to the dimmer. If you need, you can quickly connect your home theater speakers and mount them on the wall. The whole process only takes 10 minutes.
Make Your Home Smarter: You can set up different scenes and let different smart home appliances match your life. You no longer have to search for remote controls for air conditioners everywhere and you don’t have to use many switches. You just need to tap when you enter the door, and a romantic atmosphere will be accompanied. Whenever it appears the right warm light, soothing music will appear immediately.
Install the app you want: This machine comes with a 16GB TF card, you can download your favorite music player or other app to the card, and you can apply any programs after inserting the card.
Built-in speaker: Our smart panel is not just a control system, our products built-in speakers, mark, support tuya equipment two-way intercom, and mobile phones and panels can play from music synchronously, so that your life is smarter.

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