Savvy Home Magnetic Key Rack Key Holder for Light Switch | Smart Modern Design for Keychain Rings, Car Keys, Key FOBs | Easy Installation (4 Pack)

May 13, 2023

Price: $12.99

There’s nothing worse than a dusty, battered old key fob staring at you as you head out for the day ahead. As it falls off the wall after each grab of your keys, it becomes a sight and there’s no real fix. So far. These sleek and modern magnetic switches completely transform the way you store your necessary items right on your doorstep or in any room. There is no better or easier solution on the market today, so add these to your daily routine.
That’s right – they’re so easy to install, your child could install them in less than a minute or you could even do it blindfolded. We are not joking! Simply remove the current screws and replace them with your new magnetic screws. You have finished! I know simple – we try to keep it that way!

These are not your typical magnets that you buy at your local store – these are specially designed neodymium magnets that have unparalleled strength. They can literally hold up to 3 pounds each, giving you maximum strength for your keys or other common everyday items.

Magnets can sometimes have a negative effect on electronic items. And many keys today have an electronic key fob which contains important wireless components for starting vehicles. You can rest assured that these magnets are 100% safe to use with these types of key components. We have tried to ensure that every aspect is thought of when using this new modern key fob.

NO HANDYMAN NEEDED FOR THIS SIMPLE INSTALLATION! Assembly is a breeze as the screws attached to the magnets fit any standard light switch cover opening. Simply remove the current screws and replace them with the magnetic screws. No drilling or leveling is required! You can literally finish in LESS than a minute!
STRONGER THAN YOUR STANDARD MAGNETS! Most magnets today have very little strength when it comes to holding objects like a stack of keys. Not with these – they literally support up to 3 pounds of weight on each magnet. That’s what I call strong!
USE THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME! From keys and padlocks to the common items you need every day – install them throughout your home to always have an easy place to hang needed items!
COMPLETELY SECURE FOR YOUR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS. We know magnets can be strong and affect electronics like your remote start or your wireless key fob. Know that these are 100% safe to use with these components, giving you complete peace of mind.

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