New ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced – Programmable Wifi Thermostat – Works with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant – Energy Star Certified – Smart Home

May 13, 2023

Price: $189.99

ecobee’s all-new and improved smart thermostat gives you automatic energy savings and adapts to your lifestyle by adjusting temperature based on occupancy, suggesting schedule changes and maximizing your energy savings. ‘energy. eco+ comes with features that automatically lower the temperature when you’re away or asleep. Works with your smart device or Apple Watch and connects to your smart home system like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and IFTTT. Recognized by experts and designed for the planet, the improved smart thermostat offers unparalleled comfort and savings.
Enjoy comfort without compromise. The upgraded smart thermostat preheats or precools your home before you arrive, so it’s at the perfect temperature as soon as you enter. Automatically adjusts to your desired temperature when you’re home or sleeping to keep you comfortable day and night. Adjusts the temperature to account for humidity so your home always looks like the temperature you set.
Easy to install and easy to use every day, the ecobee Enhanced smart thermostat comes with everything you need for installation. Most people install it themselves in about 45 minutes or less. Use your smart home platform and the ecobee app to control your thermostat from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch.
ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced is made with quality materials and designed to last over a decade on your wall. It’s wired so you never have to worry about losing control or replacing batteries. If you run into any issues, our dedicated support team is available 7 days a week.
Add a SmartSensor that allows you to measure the temperature in the most important rooms, like the nursery or the bedroom. It reads temperature and movement in any room it’s placed in for complete home monitoring and energy savings (SmartSensor sold separately).

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