Morrrer Ozone Machine Odor Removal for Home & Pets, Portable Ozone Generator with 10,000mAh Battery, Odor Eliminator for Home, Smoke, Room Deodorizer for Pets, Closet, Toilet

May 13, 2023

Price: $69.99 - $40.45

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【Clean Air Needs】Our Morrrer air purifier is designed for your fresh air needs, just put it on your table or hang it on the wall, shelf, to breathe freely even on the go . Please use it for a few more days if the smell is very strong, preferably in spaces under 350 square feet.
【Completely Portable】When the power button turns green, indicating the battery is fully charged, it can last 3-5 days in P1 mode when UV is not on. Morrrer Odor Eliminator can be used to deodorize hotel rooms, towels, linens, clothes or your luggage. It also comes with a 5V (100V-240V) power adapter that can be plugged in when the battery runs out.
【Low noise, eco-friendly】 Morrrer air freshener saves you from replacing expensive accessories, easily and efficiently for large indoor spaces. which will not cause secondary pollution. The quiet design lets you enjoy the forest air in a comfortable sleep.
【Safety Design】 Morrrer Ozone Deodorizer produces only low concentrations of ozone (100mg/h) to deodorize without harming humans and animals. Other ozone air fresheners in the market all generate a large amount of ozone, which ozonizes the whole space and is extremely harmful to organisms.
【Please note】Our products have different working modes, such as P1/P2/P3/P4, they start and stop automatically. When the product stops working, it is not a defect or damage, but a scheduled shutdown, then it will restart automatically. Please refer to the manual for more details. Please contact us if there is a problem with your device, we will replace it free of charge as soon as possible.

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