Cuby Smart – WiFi IR Controller for minisplit Type Air Conditioners, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

May 14, 2023

Price: $79.00

Turn your traditional air conditioner into a smart air conditioner with Cuby Smart. Simply connect it in the same room as the air conditioning to be controlled and configure it with the free iOS and Android app. It does not require any modification of the air conditioner or its installation and is compatible with any type of air conditioner using an infrared remote control. Cuby connects to the Internet via the WiFi network and controls the air conditioner using infrared signals (just like the original remote control).
MOST ADVANCED FEATURES: Automate your air conditioning with smart rules, 7-day schedules, advanced automations and more. Compatible with voice assistants (Alexa, Google home and Siri Shortcuts). Use the built-in temperature + humidity sensor to optimize comfort and receive email/push notifications when higher/lower than certain values. Give shared AC access to others.
ENERGY SAVING: Supports external Cuby sensors to save energy (sold separately). Presence sensor turns AC power off when no one is in the room and can turn it back on when needed (works even when people are sleeping). The door/window sensor turns AC power off when a door is left open for a period of time and can turn it back on when closed. The Wall Control with touch interface may have setpoint limits. All sensors are 100% wireless and can be purchased from Cuby official website
ADVANCED MONITORING/LOGGING: The free Cuby Cloud offers data logging for all sensors and events. View graphs and statistics on temperature, humidity, and AC power usage. The mobile and PC app will display the latest real-time data. Cuby can detect the use of the original portable remote control and synchronize this data with the cloud in real time. When paired with external sensors, the Monitoring Dashboard displays all data from those sensors along with key statistics related to power saving.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT & WARRANTY: Personalized support via Live Chat, email or phone. 3 years warranty against manufacturing defects. Since the launch of the first Cuby in 2013, Cuby has worked hard to design the best possible solution for automating air conditioners to increase customer comfort and reduce energy waste.

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