Brown Dog Gadgets – Dual Axis Smart Solar Tracker – Full Kit, STEM Educational Kits for Kids

May 14, 2023

Price: $150.00

This project offers courses in solar energy, engineering, robotics and programming!

The Brown Dog Gadgets Dual Axis Solar Tracker includes everything needed to complete the project.

Track the movement of the sun and measure solar output based on different angles, direct light and diffused light. Learn how to use an Arduino Uno clone to take measurements from a network of four light-dependent resistors and reorient the solar panel using metal geared micro servos.

Data collection is easy with the built-in solar panel and LED voltmeter. Makes a great science fair project or classroom demonstration. The solar tracker kit can easily be taken apart for multiple uses in a classroom or outdoors.

Building Solar Tracker is easy using our own custom Arduino shield and PCB sensor bracket. The code is included in our online instructions and can be downloaded via the free Arduino IDE software. Curious creators can also edit or upload their own custom code.

The electronics package comes with a custom shield, Arduino board, servos, solar panel, and other electronics. Precise engineering ensures smooth operation.

Detailed instructions, e-books, lesson plans and instructional videos are available in the online project database. Here you will find information on setting up Robotics and Bit Boards as well as other sample projects and how to create guides.


  • A custom laser cut wooden case with screws
  • Two micro servos
  • Four light resistance sensors
  • A 6V 200mA solar panel
  • An Arduino Uno micro control board
  • A custom shield circuit board
  • A custom sensor circuit board
  • An LED voltmeter
  • A set of ribbon cables
  • Twenty one nuts and bolts
  • Arduino code (found online)
  • Online routes, e-books, lesson plans and videos
  • 10 years and over
  • 4th grade and up

HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS – Kit includes two micro servos, four light sensors, Arduino Uno microcontroller board, custom Arduino shield, custom sensor mount, custom laser cut wood, and more!
COLLECT DATA FOR ANALYSIS – The kit comes with a 6V 200mA solar cell and an LED voltmeter to enable data collection on fluctuations in solar output based on various angles, times of day, weather conditions, etc
NO SOLDERING REQUIRED – By popular demand, we made this project seamless.
EASY-TO-FOLLOW GUIDELINES – The included step-by-step guide makes building this project easy. We also provide a code to download tracker readings. Modify our code or create your own. Detailed instructions and a video on how to build are available in the online project database.

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