FROCX Smart Auto Electric Suction Door Lock Compatible with Mercedes Benz C Class GLA GLC GLB GLE E Series Automatic Soft Close Car Vehicle Door

May 11, 2023

Price: $1,611.05

Auto Smart Electric Suction Cup Door Lock Compatible with Mercedes Benz C-Class GLA GLC GLB GLE E-Series Automatic Soft Close Car Vehicle Door
This smart electric suction cup door lock provides added value to your vehicle. The installation is designed for DIY. Easy to install, upgrade without removing the original lock, more stable and reliable.
1. Half lock and full lock function.
2. Electric opening priority (direct opening during the insertion process).
3. Electronic child lock, convenient and practical.
4. Suction function and automatic electric lock.
5. Door status indicator function (original car).
6. Adopt split adjustable Hall signal induction self-priming device.
1. Non-destructive installation: upgrade without removing the original lock, more stable and reliable.
2. Automatic closing: 8mm closing distance, with intelligent induction and perfect closing.
3. Four doors upgrade: Four doors upgraded at the same time, not only for yourself, but also for others.
4. Soft close automatic operation: Comfortable ride, graceful getting on/off the car.
5. Replacement at the original position: Direct replacement for the original car door lock, 100% non-destructive installation.
6. Next-generation electronic child lock: It can be directly controlled from the driver’s seat instead of the rear seat.
7. Safe Door Closing: Intelligent identification of door closing action, full lock by lightly pushing the door.
8. Open and close in any condition: The doors can be opened and closed in an emergency, such as a power failure.
9. Logical anti-pinch: When the door is closing, the door will immediately stop closing when it comes into contact with the finger, thus preventing pinching.
10. Super Silence: The noise is less than 40dB, you won’t hear any noise.
Item Type: Electric Suction Cup Door Lock
Material: ABS, Metal
The black color
Storage temperature: -40-95
Work in

When the rear door meets the latch, the sensitive self-priming motor rear door closes automatically, quiet and comfortable.
The product has passed a very strict life test, simulating the use of vehicles in different environments and regions, to ensure the safety, durability and comfort of the product.
Using the motor drive to pull the car door lock latch, the door lock cannot be automatically closed to solve the problem, then the user only needs to gently close the door to lock the good effect.
Our products can work normally regardless of the kind of climatic conditions, whether in daily life or in emergency situations, the temperature of the working environment; -20° C – 50° C (operating temperature, storage temperature).

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