Car Vehicle Door Accessories Compatible with BMW Compatible with BMW F07 E60 E61 Smart Auto Electric Suction Door Lock Automatic Soft Close Door

May 11, 2023

Price: $1,113.31

Car Vehicle Door Accessories Compatible with BMW Car Vehicle Door Accessories Car Vehicle Door Accessories Compatible with BMW Compatible with BMW F07 E60 E61
Do not change or change the original car lock block, patented product, the original car lock block is directly upgraded, the original car socket is anchored, the installation is fast , the quality is stable and the car warranty
Compatible with BMW F07 E60 E61
Installation location

Why install the suction door
It takes a lot of effort to close the door
Excessive force can break the window
Unsightly behavior
The door seal is easy to damage
The sound of closing doors is easy to overhear
Easy to scare children

Automatic training
Just push the door, the system will automatically complete the door lock action.

Automatic suction, anti-pinch
1: Close the door with great force, produce noise, damage the original car accessories
2: The door is not closed well and it is easy to steal it
3: Both hands are busy, carrying heavy objects

When the user pushes the door to touch the lock hook, the electric suction door automatically absorbs the lock state.
6mm safe suction distance, fully locked goalkeeper automatic suction.

Replace the original car mechanical lock, automatically close the door
The shell is made of ABS material, shockproof and waterproof, quiet
Suction door Module composition
Lock head module – lock body
Drive gear – gear motor box
Self-priming control system drive servo circuit
Door position detection system – cable Holzer dual watch detection system
original car drive cable parts
Special Purpose Pluggable Wiring Harness
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When the rear door meets the latch, the sensitive self-priming motor rear door closes automatically, quiet and comfortable.
The product has passed a very strict life test, simulating the use of vehicles in different environments and regions, to ensure the safety, durability and comfort of the product.
Using the motor drive to pull the car door lock latch, the door lock cannot be automatically closed to solve the problem, then the user only needs to gently close the door to lock the good effect.
Our products can work normally regardless of the kind of climatic conditions, whether in daily life or in emergency situations, the temperature of the working environment; -20° C – 50° C (operating temperature, storage temperature).

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